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REAL TALK provides no-nonsense, practical, ready-to-use advice and strategies that are based on the work of an award-winning international professional speaker who, since 2002, has designed and facilitated hundreds of webinars and face-to-face presentations to thousands of people positioned all around the globe.

REAL TALK details, step-by-step, what to do in your presentations so you look and sound like a master on the mic. REAL TALK goes a step further and also details what not to do and provides the rationale behind every recommendation.

If you have ever wondered about how to control your jitters before speaking, how to establish your credibility even if you do not have an impressive background or biography, what to do to get your audience engaged without using a lot of bells and whistles, or how to keep the audience from giving you blank stares when you ask “Are there any questions?” then REAL TALK has the answers to these and dozens of other presentation challenges.

Get a full understanding of how to embrace the four pillars of how you look, how you sound, what you say, and how you say it so every presentation you make is consistently dynamic and enthusiastically received by your audiences.

No one will ever again leave your presentations disappointed, and you will proudly walk away from each performance knowing you crushed it. REAL TALK gives you real direction and real advice on how to make presentations that sizzle every single time!

Are you looking for techniques you can put in place on a daily basis to advance your presentations, positively impact how you teach, or improve your overall communication?

In Rise and Sizzle, sales professionals, business leaders, and post-secondary educators get 31 strategies, one for each day of the month, that focus on effective communication practices and high-powered presentation strategies.

In these pages, you’ll discover …

  • The Question 99% of Presentations Fail to Answer
  • The #1 Rule for Presenting on Almost Any Service or Product    
  • How to Improve Your Public Speaking With One Very Simple Everyday Change
  • The Key to Teaching Any Course with Passion and Enthusiasm
  • Mistakes to Avoid When You Communicate with Those Who Do Not Communicate Like You
  • What College Students Wish Educators Would Tell Them
  • The Most Effective Networking Strategies You’ll Ever Need

And much more!

In addition to 31 days of communication and presentation strategies, Rise and Sizzle contains over 150 reflection questions for anyone to make you more intentional and purposeful in your daily communications.  Professionals gain real insight on a daily basis about what it takes to rise, shine, and sizzle when they communicate!